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Country Trading was established thirty years ago by the visionary aspiration of Ato Benyam Berhane Atona who owned it as a sole proprietor for some time. However, with the expansion of the vision of the company came the need to restructure and transform it onto a Private Limited Company level. Country Trading PLC thus came into being twenty years ago with expanded different divisions and a sister company.  

Besides, as an exporter, serving as venue for Ethiopian commercial crops to enter the world market, Country Trading PLC is engaged in importing a vast range of products from all over the world to meet the demand of Ethiopian Market at all levels. For the last twenty years it has been expanding and growing enormously and went ahead to take part in the global business activity.

Currently, Country Trading PLC has got different outlets covering the major states of the entire Ethiopian market under its umbrella. Country Trading PLC has got local and international business partners. And it has proved to be a financially strong-grounded company by its continuous upward annual turnover.

Our turnover in 2006 budget year showed a sustainable upward growth that mounted to 500,000,000.00 ETH-*. BIRR, (Five hundred million Ethiopian Birr). We anticipate that this figure would rise to a new height of 600,000,000.00 ETH. BIRR (Six hundred million Ethiopian Birr) in 2007

Country Trading PLC has more than 2200 to 2400 permanent and temporary employees with proper skill and qualification for the position to which they are responsible. These employees help country run its day to day business and expand its reach both locally and internationally.

To mention few of our international partners
Kuok Oil and Grain Ltd. Malaysia and Singapore
Tate and Lyle United Kingdom
British American Tobacco
Phillips Morris U.S.A
Red Bull GMGH Austria
Pernod Ricard -France
AKIRA Singapore
OTANI tire Thailand
Stemcor United Kingdom
ASE metal Belgium
PT. PANDO DELI papers Indonesia
Sagmaskiners East Sweden
S.P.I Spirits Ltd-Cyprus
Carlsberg Breweries-Denmark


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