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AKIRA - Makes Life Better

Ethiopian society has been transforming over the last couple of decades from a traditional society, which sought solution from nature, to a modern and technologically dependent society. Understanding this fact, Country Trading PLC has long been looking for durable and quality electronics producers all over the world. And now we have the answer for your diverse questions regarding electronic devices. Country trading PLC is the sole importer and distributor of AKIRA Electronics products.

The fact that its sales and distribution network has grown steadily over a short period of time and AKIRA has been sold in 60 countries across the globe, is a manifestation of how it has influenced the world market.

AKIRA has been awarded the rank of Super brands since March 2006. Furthermore, AKIRA won Singapore Brand Awards for two consecutive years. AKIRA was named one of the 15 "Most Valuable Singapore Brands" at the IE Singapore's Singapore Brand Awards 2004. The previous year, AKIRA was named one of the 15 "Strongest Singapore Brands" and also singled out as the "Brand to Watch"

Our imported Akira Products include:  

Plasma/ LCD TV, Ultra Slim/ Slim TVs, Pure Flat CTV, Super Flat CTV, DVD Recorder, DVD Player, VCD Player, VCP/ VCR


Hi-Fi Home Theatre System, DVD Home Theatre System, Multi-Media Speakers, Micro Compo System, DVD/ VCD/ CD Radio Cassette Player,


Portable Digital Electronics
Portable DVD Player (with LCD Screen), Portable DVD/ VCD/ CD player, Audio Accessories



Recording Media   


Air Con
Window-Type, Split-Type, Floor-Type, Air Cooler


Washing Machine
Fully Auto Washer, Semi Auto Washer, Clothes Dryer


Fridge, Chest Freezer, Display Showcase, Wine Chiller, Mini Fridge



Kitchen Appliances
Microwave Oven, Electric Oven, Gas Cooker/ Gas Hob, Steamer/ Steamboat, Induction Cooker, Food Processor/ Blender, Hand Mixer, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker/ Slow Cooker, Bread Toaster/ Sandwich Maker, Thermo Pot, Meat Grinder, Jug Kettle, Coffee Maker 




If you need any other product from Akira or if you need larger supply than that we have at the moment or your request, we import very quickly using our regular contact with the producers.



















































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