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H&B Whisky from Scotland

Hedges and Butler supreme 15 years 43%

Country Trading PLC’s drink subdivision is proud to be the importer and distributor of H&B whisky from Scotland. H&B is one of the renowned whiskies in the history of whisky.
Established in London in 1667, Hedges & Butler merchants of fine wines and spirits, have built over three centuries a reputation for refinement and quality. First granted a Royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1837, H & B has been an official supplier to successive monarchs, both British and foreign. Hedges & Butler whiskies have enjoyed worldwide appeal for over 100 years.

The Blend

The H&B blend is a fine blend of malt and grain whiskies selected by our Master Blender. The secret recipe is one which has been handed down from generation to generation. The Supreme De Luxe blend H&B is aged in American oak bourbon casks before bottling, for extra smooth and rounded flavor.

The Characteristics

A deluxe blend containing a high proportion of quality malts selected from over 15 distilleries in Scotland. H&B contains whiskies of 15 years and over. A quality blended whisky with character to be drunk after dinner.



Country Trading PLC Drinks Import sub-division brings to the Ethiopian market the two most famous Russian vodkas ever. These vodkas have had significant record in the history of vodkas.  Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya have dominated the world market for a long time. And the two of them still control the world market as the first and second most famous Russian Vodkas.

Stolichnaya vodka


Stolichnaya vodka is a "classic." The taste is as biting and distinct as ever, praised for "potency," and noticed "hints of charcoal" in its flavor (Stolichnaya is filtered through quartz, cloth, and Siberian birch charcoal).
750 milliliters; 40 proof Russian; distilled from wheat.

Stolichnaya Elit

Super smooth Russian Vodka

Clear delicate Vanilla bean and talc aromas. A soft, extremely smooth entry leads to a satiny medium body with powered sugar, delicate golden raisin.

750mililetters, which is carefully, crafted using centuries-old Russian recipe and a revolutionary “Freeze Filtration Process”.


Moskovskaya vodka

Moskovskaya Osobaya, a classic type of vodka, the strength - 40 %, is made from the spirit "Extra" of grain and refined water.
750 milliliters; 40 proof Russian; distilled from grain.


Red Bull

Red Bull vitalizes the body and mind!

Country Trading PLC imports and distributes Red Bull energy drink as sole importer and distributor in Ethiopia.

Red Bull, an energy drink that originated in Thailand and, in a version adapted to Austrian tastes is now popular throughout the world.

Red Bull helps combat mental and physical fatigue. A sugar-free version has been available since the beginning of 2003. Sugar-free Red Bull is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium, as opposed to sucrose and glucose.

The drink is intended to taste like mixed berries. 
Red Bull is commonly used as mixer with alcoholic drinks such as Vodka. Almost 1 billion of the slim 250 ml cans were sold in the year 2000 alone in over 100 countries; 260 million of them were sold in the UK. In 2006, more than 3 billion cans were sold in over 130 countries.

Red Bull is suitable for vegetarians and vegans; it does not contain any animal products or substances derived from animals, and is dairy free. Red Bull aims to boost mental and physical performance "Red Bull vitalizes the body and mind", according to the motto of the brand in America.    


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