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Gezana Realestate PLC


Gezana, to mean our home, is a pioneering real estate initiative undertaken by Country Trading PLC lately. A major homegrown business group already successful in the import-export and manufacturing sector, Country Trading PLC, has expanded its operation into the newly flourishing, yet untapped, construction sector by launching a subsidiary- YTY Construction PLC . Gezana Real Estate is yet another division of this construction company which is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as per the commercial code of Ethiopia.

Appreciative of the efforts which are being exerted elsewhere in the country in the blooming real estate sector, Gezana is committed to start its operation in Mekele, capital of Tigray Regional State. It makes Gezana the first of its kind in the regional state.


Located some 800 Kms north of Addis Ababa, Mekele is the capital of the Tigray Region and home to the headquarters of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Its elevation of 2,084 meters above sea level, gives Mekele a suitable weather condition.

With its international standard (Alula Aba Nega) airport, and other means of land transportation, Mekele is in regular touch with the national capital and the rest of the country seven days a week.

As a city which beautifully combines the flavor of culture, history and modernity, Mekele is home of the palace of Yohannes IV which was built at the Emperor's command in 1884. The palace is located at the northern edge of the city. The complex still stands and now serves as a museum, where the Emperor’s throne, royal bed, ceremonial dress, rifles and many other valuable historical collections can be seen.

The other primary local landmark in this city is the recent TPLF Martyrs’ Monument which has added to the diverse sceneries of this historic city. According to local historians Mekele was founded in the 13th century.

An estimated total population of 169, 207, (CSA 1994 and 2005) and total city-Woreda area of 24.44 square kilometers, make Mekele the largest city in northern Ethiopia and sixth largest in Ethiopia.

Though Mekele has had these and other untold inviting features, the sector of real estate and modern housing has been untapped yet. This is the gap which Gezana Real Estate steps in to fill.

As an affiliate company of the YTY Construction and hence Country Trading PLC, Gezana Real Estate enjoys the ultimate reputation, skilled management and reliable capital of its parent company.


The object of Gezana Real Estate stems from its utmost conviction that homes are for every human being and not exclusive to the rich. The short-term objective is thus mitigating the shortage of houses thereby building comfortable but still affordable houses.

And the long-term objective is to expand the real estate investment in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country for which the groundwork is already underway.