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Gezana Real Estate to Satisfy Your Shelter Needs

YTY construction PLC

Country trading company is building trust with its valued customers based on its quality And extraordinary service. It is also expanding its strategic. business units.

Therefore, a new real estate sister company, entitled "Gezana" is established under YTY Construction pic to engage in the construction of modem houses.

Gezana Real Estate PLC

Gezana Real Estate is established under Y T Y Construction PLC and aimed at mitigating the shortage of houses which is one of the basic necessities of human kind. Starting from selecting proper residential area, the company will engage in constructing houses, property administration and other related activities and it will realize the dream of its customers by providing quality villas in reasonable price.

Location of the Project

Gezana Real Estate has observed the construction of other real estate companies which are established all over the country to grasp their experience and learned from their strength and weakness. Then it establishes its company in Mekele, the capital City of Tigray, which is the first in its kind in the regional state.


Mekele, the capital city of Tigray, is a beautiful city which has suitable weather Jor living, attractive panorama, and historical places. As of the last few years, the development activates and the construction of infrastructures are tremendously increasing in the city. All these features show that Mekele is paving the way to rapid, sustainable and modern development.

Historical Sites

Emperor Yohannes Palace and Museum, Endayesus Mountain and Martyrs Monument are found in Mekele. Ahmed Nejashi Mosque and Abraha We' Atsbeha Rock Hewn Church are adjacent to the city.

Gezana Real Estate is committed to make this beloved city modern city by constructing standard houses and buildings and to enable the people to get better environment to live and for work.

Ade Haqi

Ade haqi is found in western part of the present center of Mekele. Gezana'Real Estate has secured plot of land from the Regional Government for the construction of a number of houses which is found in this area. A lot of infrastructures are underway in Ade Haqi and this development activity make the area ideal place to live. It is also the first choice for the people who want to construct their houses.

Delivery Time

Gezana Real Estate shall start the construction of the villas in 2008 based on the choice of its customers. The construction shall be conducted by its mother company, YTY Construction PLC in different standards and the delivery of the houses shall take place with in a short period of time starting from the agreement is signed.

Types of Villas

The plot area of each house range from 250-500 square meters and the type of the villa's shall consider the interest of our customers.

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